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Something to Think About: Critical Race Theory Is Not Good!

Rev. Michael Vaughn

Well, the people that continue to try and force people to change are at it again. They have not understood that forcing people to do certain things does not have long lasting results. With the pandemic, the back and forth on mask or no mask, lock down the church but not the liquor store, be six (6) feet away here but not there, etc., caused many people to rebel. The underlying reason is that as Americans we have this fundamental belief that we are a free people and reject any notion that we believe is binding us up. This has been and continues to be and I believe will always be true!

The newest philosophy to “hit the street” is this notion of Critical Race Theory (CRT). It is a concept that states that, essentially white people are bad and black people are victims. It wants white people to hate their whiteness and black people to live in a continued victimized state. There are school districts across the country that are adopting this philosophy and are preparing to teach it to the children in their schools. This will be a huge mistake if it catches on and is taught and therefore adopted amongst an unknowing generation. While there indeed is racism in America and it is still a topic that needs to be dealt with at all levels, the manner in which the “woke” folks are going about it is absolutely incorrect. One does not eradicate racism with more racism. To tell a group of people that they are inherently bad and should feel ashamed about that is as wrong as telling a group of people that they are inherently less than others and should feel like a victim.

One of the main things that I have against the “woke liberals” is that they continue to believe that they know who black people are, what they think about and what they need. They tell us that we don’t have picture IDs so requiring it to vote is somehow discrimination. What they don’t know is that 97% of African-Americans have a picture ID. They tell us that our women need to have abortions because they can’t bring a baby into this work. What they don’t know is that black women have been the most resilient people in America throughout her history! Now they want to drive a point that we need white folks to forever admit that because they are white, they are evil and that America was built using evil white people. However, while doing this, they are telling black people that we are victims and that they will continue to protect us and fight for us. What they don’t know is that black people are victors and not victims and we don’t want their help! They also don’t know that the color of one’s skin does not mean that they are evil or that they are good. What makes someone evil or good has nothing to do with the color of the skin they have but has everything to do with their heart condition. It is EVIL to teach young white people that they are evil. As well as teaching young black people that the evil white people are the cause of all their problems. It is based on foolishness and will end up causing more division that it can EVER hope to help.

However, they will not know of their mis-guided approach to racism unless black people and white people stand-up in solidarity against CRT. As a race of people, black people have to reject these “woke liberals” speaking for us. We have to grab our own voice and speak for ourselves. Black people are a strong, intelligent and creative people. We reject every notion that we are weak, dumb and basic. We are not looking for the “woke liberals” help. All we want is an equitable chance to represent and we are 100% that we will…. without tearing anybody down in the process!

Rev. Michael is senior pastor of New Wineskin Church. Contact him at


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