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Rochester Board of Education Approves $1.07 Billion Budget

The Rochester Board of Education approved a budget totaling $1,071,659,143 for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year. The budget includes federal stimulus-funded dollars.

Key components of the budget include initiatives focusing on literacy, such as the appointment of an Executive Director for Integrated Literacy and the hiring of additional reading teachers across PreK-6 and 7-8 buildings. Investments in curriculum and resources are also prioritized, with allocations for programs like Amplify Foundational Curriculum, Really Great Reading, LETRS Implementation, Mikva Challenge, BSCS Biology Curriculum, and Expeditionary Learning.

Furthermore, the budget includes enhancements to Bilingual Education programs and Special Education, with provisions for professional learning, translation services, world language expansion (including Arabic and Mandarin programs), additional bilingual teachers, and staffing for elementary education, special education, social services, and psychological support. Resources for social-emotional supports, including counseling, social workers, and RocRestorative programs, have also been substantially increased.

Additionally, the budget allows for the expansion of athletic programs in middle schools, resulting in a wider range of athletic offerings primarily at the modified level. There are also increases in the Career and Technical Education program, with expansions in areas such as Career Pathways to Public Safety, Technology, Family and Consumer Science, Business and Marketing, and site-based coordinators.

“With the passing of this budget, we are affirming our commitment to activating the dreams of every student and unlocking their potential.", Dr. Carmine Peluso expressed. "We know that academic excellence includes cultivating a community of empathy, equity, and accountability. Together, as One RCSD, we will work tirelessly to realize our goals and empower students to succeed beyond graduation.”


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