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PAB Not Living up to Expectations?

In its latest report covering February 1-29, 2024, the Police Accountability Board (PAB) disclosed that they reviewed 21 cases. This bringing the total for the fiscal year to 128 and overall since its inception in 2022 to 489.

Despite having ample time and resources, including a $5 million budget, the PAB has faced criticism for the relatively low number of cases it has processed.

The community entrusted the PAB with ensuring transparency and accountability within the Rochester Police Department (RPD) through a public vote. Over the past year, the PAB has handled 128 cases, focusing on investigating police misconduct and evaluating the RPD's practices to promote fairness and accountability.

The PAB is responsible for receiving and addressing reports of officer misconduct, RPD practices, patterns, and policies. They play a crucial role in promoting accountability and fairness in law enforcement. However, concerns have been raised about the efficiency and productivity of the Board and the limited number of cases processed despite the resources at its disposal.

The PAB is mandated by the Rochester City Charter to provide monthly data on its website regarding complaints received and resolved. The recent cycle indicated 20 complaints received in the past 12 months, covering various categories such as case reviews, investigations, evidence assessments, and policy reviews. The data provided insight into the nature of complaints and the thoroughness of the PAB's investigative processes, enabling the identification of trends and areas of concern within the RPD.

The PAB's commitment to upholding legal standards and ensuring fair outcomes is not evident in the detailed breakdown of closed cases. Many community members believe there is room for improvement in the number of cases processed and the efficiency of investigations; and a need for increased productivity and transparency to build public confidence in the PAB's effectiveness.

The Board's role as an oversight body remains crucial in investigating police misconduct and enhancing RPD practices.




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