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NY Conservatives Urging Governor and Legislature to Focus on “Key Issues” during Budget Negotiations

The New York State Conservative Party is urging the governor and state legislature to focus on “seven key issues” during ongoing budget negotiations.

Conservative Party leadership say their key issues are:

1. No new taxes or fees

2. Meaningful bail reform

3. Reform of disclosure laws that are handcuffing district attorneys

4. Local control of zoning

5. The free use of clean natural gas stoves

6. Lifting the cap on charter schools

7. Repeal of the raise-the-age laws for murderers and other violent criminals.

“We thought it might be helpful, therefore, to highlight a few of the issues that New Yorkers actually care about,” said Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “In a nutshell, they want to live in a safe, affordable state where they can send their children to good schools; they want to make their own decisions over what household appliances they purchase, and they don’t want a faraway government dictating what can and cannot be built in their local communities.

Kassar issued a statement declaring to Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature that “lawmakers in Albany who aren’t careful quickly find themselves living in a bubble in which it’s easy to forget the needs and priorities of everyday New Yorkers.”

Regarding ongoing budget negotiations New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie says he and his colleagues “are laser focused on combatting the rising cost of living in our state and making New York more affordable.”


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