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New Administrator Selected for NCP

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello has announced that Starbridge Services, Inc., a reputable Rochester-based non-profit organization specializing in supporting individuals with disabilities and their families, has been chosen as the new administrator for the Neighborhood Collaborative Project. The selection is pending approval by the Monroe County Legislature. Starbridge Services brings a wealth of experience in managing state and federal programs and grants, making them an ideal candidate for this role.

The Neighborhood Collaborative Project (NCP) is a significant initiative aimed at bringing essential services back into Rochester neighborhoods. With $7.2 million in funding from Monroe County's federal American Rescue Plan Act allocation, the NCP involves a collaboration among twelve organizations to empower and strengthen communities within the City of Rochester. The program offers vital support systems, including walking outreach, corner pop-up events, wraparound services, and an expansion of staff and services at participating agencies.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello emphasized the importance of the NCP services, stating that they are life-changing and even lifesaving for many residents. He expressed confidence in Starbridge Services' ability to effectively manage the program, given its track record of providing support services and handling complex programs and grants. The bipartisan selection process involved input from the Monroe County Legislature.

Starbridge President/CEO Nikisha Ridgeway expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve as the fiscal agent for the NCP, highlighting the organization's commitment to inclusive communities in Rochester. Starbridge recognizes the intersection of disability with various identities, with a significant portion of disabled individuals in Rochester living in poverty. Their mission is to create communities that embrace and support everyone.

Previously, Community Resource Collaborative, Inc. (CRC) served as the administrative lead for the NCP. Following concerns about possible financial mismanagement, Monroe County conducted a forensic review and decided to terminate its contract with CRC. Starbridge Services is poised to take on the administrative lead role and manage the remaining $6.1 million in NCP funding, pending approval by the Legislature.

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Yeah, but what about the malfeasance and corruption that took place under the former "administrator for the Neighborhood Collaborative Project???" Who is going to jail???

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