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MCC to Offer New Course on Trauma-Informed Care and Crisis Management

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Monroe Community College (MCC) announced on Nov. 7, 2023 that starting in Jan. 2024, it will offer a credit-bearing, three-course Trauma-Informed Care micro-credential covering competencies and skills relevant to effectively providing services and interacting with people impacted by trauma. The program provides participants with foundational knowledge and skills in the areas of trauma and trauma-informed care, communication and crisis management, and management and rehabilitation of clients with mental health disorders.

According to MCC, the Greater Rochester region’s employers across various sectors, including criminal justice, education and health care, report a significant demand for professionals skilled in trauma-informed care to ensure their employees provide community residents with the best possible care and support.

“The need for trauma-informed professionals continues to grow in our region and nationally. The local community continues to contact MCC to share information about current job openings and seeking graduates for positions,” said Rick Costanza, chair of MCC’s Department of Education and Human Services. “The skills learned through this coursework will better prepare those workers to provide trauma-informed care and support.”

The program prepares participants to effectively support individuals receiving services in various settings. It benefits participants studying or employed in various fields, including human services, addiction counseling, health, education, community and disability services, early care, emergency services and criminal justice.

The deadline to register for the first class is Tue., Jan. 16, 2024, and class begins Mon., Jan 22, 2024.

The Trauma Informed Care program will be offered on an ongoing basis through MCC’s Department of Education and Human Services at its Downtown Campus, 321 State St. in the High Falls district.

Additional information about the program and/or enrollment process is available at Interested individuals may also contact MCC's Admissions Office at (585) 292-2200.

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I'm thrilled to hear that MCC is offering a new course on Trauma-Informed Care and Crisis Management. As someone who has gone through the AA twelve steps, I can personally attest to the importance of understanding and addressing trauma in the recovery process. The twelve steps helped me navigate my own trauma and provided a framework for healing and growth. Incorporating trauma-informed care into crisis management is crucial for effectively supporting those in recovery. This new course will undoubtedly equip more professionals with the tools they need to make a meaningful impact on individuals' lives, helping them through their darkest times with compassion and understanding.


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