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Manhattan Grand Jury Indicts Retired Marine Daniel Penny for Fatal Chokehold on Jordan Neely

Daniel Penny was captured on video as he restrained Jordan Neely

In a significant development, a Manhattan grand jury has voted to indict Daniel Penny, a retired US Marine, for the fatal chokehold that resulted in the death of Jordan Neely on a New York City subway train. News reports confirm that Penny has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in relation to the tragic incident that occurred on May 1.

Penny, a Marine veteran, is accused of holding Neely, a homeless man and street artist, in a chokehold on the subway train after Neely began loudly expressing his hunger and thirst, stating that he did not care if he died. The confrontation escalated, leading Penny to forcefully bring Neely to the floor of the train and restrain him in a chokehold until he ceased to breathe. A subsequent examination by a medical examiner ruled Neely's death as a homicide.

The incident gained widespread attention when bystander videos captured the chilling moment Penny, 24, maintained his hold on the 30-year-old Neely until he became motionless. Following the incident, Penny was taken in for questioning later that day, but was initially released without charges.

Jordan Neely, who grew up in Manhattan, had garnered recognition among New Yorkers as a dedicated Michael Jackson tribute artist. However, Neely later faced mental health challenges and found himself without stable housing, leading to his presence on the streets.

The indictment of Daniel Penny by the grand jury signals a significant step forward in the pursuit of justice for the tragic loss of Jordan Neely's life. As the legal proceedings unfold, the public will closely monitor the case, seeking a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding Neely's death and accountability for those involved.

The New York City subway incident has once again highlighted the complex challenges faced by individuals experiencing homelessness and mental health issues. Neely's tragic fate serves as a somber reminder of the urgent need for enhanced support systems to aid vulnerable members of society.

The trial of Daniel Penny will undoubtedly be closely followed by New Yorkers and individuals across the nation as they seek a fair and just resolution to this devastating event.


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