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Man Convicted of Murder

In a case that shook the community, Randy Burney, aged 37, was found guilty by a Monroe County Jury on charges of Murder in the 2nd Degree, two counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 2nd Degree, and Assault in the 2nd Degree. The charges stemmed from the tragic murder of Kimanhi Hinds and the shooting of a security guard at the Flour City Station bar in Rochester on May 29, 2023.

Police responded to a call at 2:00 AM that fateful night and found Kimanhi Hinds, 41, deceased from a gunshot wound. The same bullet had struck a security guard who was fortunately able to recover after being treated at Rochester General Hospital. Through a diligent investigation, Randy Burney was identified as the perpetrator, having shot both victims before fleeing the scene.

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Wagner led the prosecution, emphasizing the swift escalation from a mere bar altercation to a fatal shooting. She commended the Rochester Police Department for their work in uncovering the truth and expressed gratitude towards the victim's family and the injured security guard for their cooperation, which was instrumental in securing the conviction.

District Attorney Sandra Doorley highlighted the senseless nature of the crime, noting that Kimanhi Hinds had been a stranger to Randy Burney prior to that tragic night. She expressed hope that the verdict would bring some closure to the grieving loved ones of the victim.




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