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Mainstream Media Joins Pack of Racist Supporters of DA Sandra Doorley

Howard Eagle

We need to pay very, very close attention to the role that the racially insensitive, white-supremacist-based-mainstream-media is playing in the internationally recognized Sandra Doorley debacle.

It's somewhat surprising (for example) that longtime Democrat & Chronicle criminal justice reporter, Mr. Gary Craig—whose news stories are usually fairly objective and balanced—has been writing things about this particular case, which are quite suspect, and in some cases clearly designed to conjure up empathy, if not sympathy for the Monroe County DA.


For example, in his 4/30/24 article "Sandra Doorley email highlights tensions in DA's Office amid viral confrontation fallout" he actually had the raw audacity to report (without any substantiation or proof at all) the possibility that part of the reason why employees in the Monroe County District Attorney's Office have been complaining about Doorley, for years is because of "sexism". Right, SMH!

 Secondly—and this is REALLY BIG—Mr. Craig suggested that Doorley’s statement that “the confrontation [with Officer Cameron Crisafulli] was little more than an agitated meeting between her and the officer, but one that overall was positive", can be attributed to possibilities that: "Either Doorley did not recognize just how entitled and vitriolic she would appear in the video, if it became public, or she was dishonest, hoping that the body-worn camera video would not be released by the Webster police."


WHAT???!!!  WHAT???!!!  Stop it!!! We can stake our very lives on the fact that it is precisely because of her deep-seated sense of "entitlement" and privilege. She never gave it a second thought, and felt certain that the video would not be released. In fact, she was obviously confident that the entire matter would be swept under the old, proverbial 'rug'. 

I'm sure Mr. Craig knows this. In my humble but unequivocally-staunch view, the reporter should not cheapen his fairly positive journalistic-reputation in efforts to bolster a criminal (something that I imagine he has not done before). 

Furthermore, what in the world does her "personal challenges [relative to] surviving a cancer scare that kept her from work for months after treatment and recovery, [and being] denied an open judgeship that she was interested in" have to do with the current criminality that she's embroiled in? Clearly, such declarations are designed to solicit empathetic-affinity, and of course, it's working.

 Craig also claimed (again without substantiation) that Doorley "has received anonymous threats." Does he know that to be true, or is he just reporting what she told him despite the fact that she has been proven to lie.

 One part of the news report is straight-up offensive. Who (at least in the Black community) gives a damn about what disgraced racist, Daniel Strollo thinks? He resigned from Monroe County District Attorney's Office in 2020 as a direct consequence of disrespecting the family and memory of George Floyd (the latter of whom was viciously killed by a racist who had been posing as a police officer, and is now sitting in prison for murder). 

With regard to arch-racist Strollo, it's most interesting that Mr. Craig reported that “After the controversy, [his resignation] Strollo and Doorley remained in touch." That figures (peas-in-a-pod). 

As noted in the article, one thing is for sure (based on the very, very long historical record); had the offender been Black, refused to stop for the police, and then, ignoring the police orders, went into her home before returning, the treatment would have likely been very different. This is perhaps THE major reason why Doorley's criminal behavior and her weak, milk-toast, so-called apology is UNACCEPTABLE, period! 





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