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Local Spa Owner Desires to Illuminate & Advocate for Black Skin Care, Services

Channel Sabado, owner of Glo Spa Roc LLC.

Channel Sabado has a passion for people and for skin and self-care.

Sabado, owner of Glo Spa Roc LLC, has worked as a NYS Licensed aesthetician for 11 years and desires to bring black skin care service(s) to the forefront here in the Greater Rochester area.

She has been head esthetician and owner of Glow Spa Roc for three years now, located at 1425 Mount Read Boulevard in Suite 200.

Specializing in treating acne/hyperpigmented skin and all other skin conditions and skin types, Sabado says she "loves to help people and help them become comfortable in their own skin.”

Before entering the field, Sabado said she was not very familiar with the occupation or business of aesthetics. “I just always thought, you got a massage and that was it," said Sabado. "I didn't realize there were so many different avenues.”

She began her career in the customer services field, she later began receptionist work at a local supportive, transitional home for women, it was there she learned about skincare massage, massage therapy, yoga and so much more.

“I learned about aesthetics in that house. There was always talk about going to get facials, manicures, pedicures and more," she said.

Soon after, Sabado enrolled in school for aesthetics and graduated in 2010. Sabado said she found employment at a few local spas, but said she never really felt like she truly belonged and never really saw others who looked like her in her previous world of aesthetics.

Her goal was to create a space to cater to the African American community, where she could offer support, provide services and a family-like atmosphere.

“I wanted to be an advocate for black people," she said.

Sabado said it was her family and friends that gave her the push to start her own business. She received the support and financial backing she needed from her husband, and said, "I've got to do this. This is it. I got this investment, I've got the support.”

She initially found space at a local boutique and spa, and began her business in a room of the boutique. She eventually outgrew the space and decided to venture out on her own space, fulfilling her desire to cater to black people.

"My husband gave me some support. He came up with the name Glow Spa ROC and from there it just took off. Now, it's been three years in my new space. I'll be open for four years in September 2023," she said.

At Glo Spa, Sabado says they just don't provide services, she provides consultations, individualized self-care, and personalized skin care routines. She says she wants to do more than simply provide a service, she wants to create an experience for her clients and be an advocate to them. Sabado also sells locally handmade skincare products by black women owned businesses and companies.

“I try to make everyone feel like they're a person, talk to them like a person and not just a client. I ask about their day, their kids or their job or what's new in their lives. I try to help them process the things that they may go through throughout the day. I make them feel like they're part of a family and not just a client,” she says.

"I provide them with the space and the comfortability to ask questions and to talk about whatever A lot of people say they love coming in here because they always feel so refreshed when they leave.”

Sabado says their biggest focus is a safe, peaceful space, self-care and focus on the individual.

“We're beat up a lot in the world, we work ourselves to death or we put so many people above us and we never take out time for ourselves," Sabado said.

"Glo Spa Roc is not just service, it's an experience.”

For more information Glo Spa Roc, please visit or give Channel a call at (585) 287-5515.

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This is very interesting information. Thanks for the reading. People of color needs to know about this service that specializes in black people skin care!


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