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Kodak Awarded NY State Grant

Kodak Awarded NY State Grant in Efforts to Train and Hire In-Demand Skilled Trades Employees

Eastman Kodak Company announced it has been awarded up to $285,000 from the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) to expand the company’s apprenticeship program and help meet the rising demand for skilled trades workers.

Kodak revived its apprenticeship program in 2020 to address the scarcity of candidates for jobs in skilled trades and to fill the vacancies left by retiring employees. Kodak’s program trains entry-level workers in various advanced manufacturing roles, such as electromechanical technicians, pipe fitters, electricians, electronics technicians, field machinists and building maintenance mechanics. Apprentices are paid as employees and receive a certificate from New York State upon graduation.

“Growing our apprenticeship program is crucial for maintaining the skilled workforce necessary to bolster our operations,” said Terry Taber, Kodak Chief Technical Officer and Vice President, Senior Vice President of Advanced Materials and Chemicals. “These apprenticeships not only provide invaluable hands-on training and mentorship from experienced journeymen, but also ensure Kodak’s future success by developing the next generation of skilled tradespeople. Once they graduate, they will have a promising new career at Kodak waiting for them."

The grant is part of $3 million in federal funding provided to companies through the NYSDOL to increase employment opportunities for apprentices, including underrepresented populations. Selected companies in advanced manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and information technology can receive up to $300,000 each to help cover training costs.

Kodak’s apprenticeship program currently includes 36 apprentices. Four have graduated so far this year, with seven more set to graduate by the end of 2024. The company’s skilled workforce is central to its ongoing transformation.

For the past several years, Kodak has taken a number of actions to focus on its core businesses of print and advanced materials & chemicals. Kodak’s shift has resulted in recognition amongst its peers globally, including being named a Gold Stevie® Award winner for Best Business Technology Pivot in the 2024 American Business Awards®.

You can learn more about Kodak’s apprenticeship opportunities here.


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