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Jordan Health Supports Proposed Law Raising Medicaid Reimbursement Rate in NY

Jordan Health (JH) announced on Nov. 30, 2023 its support of proposed legislation that would raise the Medicaid reimbursement rate in New York State for community health centers.

JH joins The Community Health Care Association of New York State (TCHCA-NYS) in this effort, which, according to JH, follows a new report from The Urban Institute (TUI) finding that health centers are only reimbursed 70% of the cost of care.

According to JH, TUI’s report states, “strategic investment in New York’s community health centers through the Medicaid program should start with closing the gap between Medicaid payment rates and the costs of delivering services. This will enable centers to expand and strengthen access to comprehensive, high-quality, and culturally effective care in the state’s under-resourced communities and help New York achieve its health equity goals.”

JH says the proposed law would direct the New York State Department of Health to analyze health center costs and create new, sustainable Medicaid rates that are informed by stakeholder input, account for increased cost pressures, and changes to the community health center care model, and are adjusted annually using an updated trend factor.

“Jordan’s mission to ensure everyone has access to quality health care regardless of their ability to pay is directly impacted by the reimbursement rate,” said Jordan Health President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Linda Clark. “It is critical that community health centers like Jordan receive the proper reimbursements in order to continue to care for all patients. We need support from our communities and our legislators as the cost of health care continues to rise.”

TCHCA-NYS says health center funding is based on outdated patient treatment cost data.

“With each new health crisis we face, the state’s dependence on Community Health Centers increases – but health center funding is based on what it cost to treat a patient back in 1999. [Community] Health centers are the linchpin of the health care safety net and without them, their patients might not have access to care. We are asking that health center funding levels are adjusted to keep pace with inflation and reflect care delivery in the 21st century,” said TCHCA-NYS President and Chief Executive Officer Rose Duhan. “On behalf of Community Health Centers across the state, TCHCA-NYS implores New York’s leaders to provide CHCs the funding they need and deserve.”

According to JH, community health centers in New York State provide comprehensive primary care, behavioral health care, and dental and vision services to 2.3 million patients statewide who likely would not have access to care otherwise. They are governed by patients, hire from their communities, and provide culturally competent care at more than 800 locations statewide.

JH says that in the greater Rochester community, Jordan Health Center offers comprehensive services to all.

Jordan’s “no patient turned away” goal is evident in all of our services and actions. Our patients range in age from newborns to 80+ across the greater Rochester Area. Further, JH adds that It is vital to Jordan’s mission which spans 100 years to provide a variety of options for patients to see their provider and cover their costs of medical care. Jordan offers 7 locations, virtual options, and sliding discounts to ensure quality health care is feasible for everyone in our community. Jordan will also host a meeting with local, state and federal legislators in the coming weeks.


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