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Is It Time to Replace the Roof on My Rochester Home?

No homeowner wants to hear that their roof is falling apart or needs to be replaced, but it happens, even in Rochester. You must be vigilant if you want to keep one of the most integral structures of your house in good shape. Fortunately, there are a few things you should do to find out if your roof needs a replacement, so let's discover more.

Take a Look at Your Ceiling

A roof is not easily visible, which makes it challenging to notice when it needs replacement. However, if there's an issue with the outer structure of your home, it will eventually reflect on the inside. Therefore, look at the ceiling. You'll probably notice leaks, water stains, and peeling paint upstairs, usually in the attic. These are tell-tale indications of roof issues.

Don't ignore the problem because it won't go away. Roof damage can only be repaired or changed by a trained professional. According to Onedesk, over 90% of the roofing industry is dedicated to replacements. A local roofing company should be readily available to conduct an inspection and give a diagnosis.

Find Out How Old Your Roof Is

Most homeowners have yet to learn that certain roofing materials have a lifespan. Several decades can pass without any problems, but you should know when your roof was last installed or repaired. Go through the paperwork if you bought the house recently because you may be able to find a warranty or more information.

Aside from knowing if your roof has exceeded its typical lifespan, you could find out if the materials are the problem. Asphalt roofs can last between 10 and 20 years, while metal roofs are known for withstanding up to five decades. This knowledge may determine what kind of replacement you'll pick later. According to, more than 5 million brand-new roofs are placed yearly.

Check Things Outside

After looking at the ceiling and your roof's age, it's time to go outside and find out if there's a visible issue. Pay close attention to the shingles because they can tell you a lot. They should always lie flat on the structure and shouldn't have any cracks or ruptures. If shingles have lost too many granules, it's probably time for a replacement.

Pay close attention to the flashing around vents, chimneys, etc., because that material protects your home from rain and more. Older homes typically have roof cement or tar, but newer constructions started using metal flashing as it tends to last longer. Another major problem with your roof is sagging. If it's happening, schedule a professional roof inspection immediately.

The drooping part won't hold if there's harsh weather or a natural disaster. One hurricane can move over a million miles of air and expel more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain in a single day. The consequences of not fixing your roof on time could be catastrophic, even if the faulty part seems tiny and inconsequential. Rochester weather may seem mild, but you can't get too comfortable. You never know what could happen.

Inspect for Moss or Mold

One of the worst consequences of a leaky roof is the moisture gathering in your walls, which can quickly turn into mold, fungi, or moss. If that happens, your entire family will be at risk because breathing that air for too long can harm your health. Therefore, you must call someone to inspect your roof and stop leaks.

Afterward, you can remove the mildew or call a cleaning company. Hiring a service is better because they have protective equipment and know how to eliminate these things. They'll make sure that your house is fungi-free, even if the issue is hard to see.

You shouldn't have a problem determining if your roof needs a replacement with these helpful signs. Remember to always pay attention to issues with the main structure of your home and call a professional roofer today to start repairing or replacing what you need.


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