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How to Organize an Outdoor Event Showcasing Small Businesses in Rochester

Rochester, NY is a vibrant city home to numerous small businesses. These enterprises are crucial in driving the local economy and creating employment opportunities. Organizing an outdoor event to showcase these small businesses can be a fantastic way to promote local entrepreneurship and community engagement. Here are some essential steps to help you plan and execute your event.

Setting the Stage: Choose a Venue and Consider Logistics

Look for a spacious location that can accommodate booths or stalls for small businesses to set up their displays. It should be somewhere open so that people aren't competing for space, and make sure it has all of the amenities you'll need, such as electricity and a water supply. Consider factors like accessibility, parking facilities, and overall convenience for both vendors and attendees.

Plan Sufficient Restroom Facilities

Additionally, making arrangements for restrooms to ensure the comfort of participants and visitors is crucial. Given that the population of Rochester is around 209,934, providing adequate porta potties or restroom facilities should be a priority. Hire a porta potty rental company and decide the amount you'll need based on expected attendance, ensuring there are enough for everyone.

Promote Small Businesses

Encourage local entrepreneurs to participate and showcase their products or services, and have them help you with promotion. There should be a buzz about the day; the best way to get that is to have everyone involved talk about it. Small businesses account for over 90% of all businesses worldwide and employ over half the global workforce, according to the United Nations Development Program, meaning they are a major industry to tap into.

Partner With Local Business Organizations

Consider partnering with local business organizations or Chambers of Commerce to gain additional exposure and support. These companies and organizations don't need to participate in the event directly; they just need to be interested in helping you organize and promote it. Collaborating with these entities can help increase awareness and participation from small businesses in Rochester.

Engage the Community

An outdoor event showcasing small businesses in Rochester presents an excellent opportunity to engage the local community. Plan activities that will attract attendees of all ages and interests. Consider organizing live music performances, food stalls offering diverse cuisines, or interactive workshops related to various industries.

Encourage Vendors to Provide Discounts, Special Offers, and Giveaways

Encourage vendors to provide special offers, discounts, or giveaways during the event to attract customers and enhance the overall experience. This will help create a festive atmosphere and promote sales for the participating businesses.

Raise Awareness for Local Agriculture

There are many farms in Rochester's outskirts, and, unfortunately, farms in the U.S. are decreasing, from 913 million acres in 2014 to 896 million in 2020. Issues like this affect the local community, and it's worth using the event to raise awareness and encourage people to shop at farm stands. Contact local farmers to see if they want to set up a booth at the event!

Event Day Execution

On the day of the event, ensure smooth operations by having a dedicated team to manage logistics, vendor coordination, and attendee assistance. Establish clear communication channels and provide vendors with any necessary guidelines or instructions.

Consider setting up designated waste disposal and recycling areas to promote environmental consciousness. Encourage vendors and attendees to minimize waste and make sustainable choices throughout the event.

Document the Day

Remember to capture the event through photos and videos. This content can be shared on social media and used for future promotional purposes, showcasing the success of the event and the participation of small businesses in Rochester.

By organizing an outdoor event that showcases small businesses in Rochester, you contribute to the local economy, foster community engagement, and raise awareness about the importance of supporting entrepreneurship. With careful planning and execution, this event can become a place for small businesses to thrive and celebrate local talent and innovation.


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