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Expression of Interest (EOI) Solicitation for 2024 & 2025 Projects

March 29, 2024


Monroe County is requesting Annual Statements of Qualifications (including Expressions of Interest) from architectural and engineering, and construction management firms interested in providing professional services for various County projects that may include, but are not limited to, the projects listed below for 2024 and 2025.


The services required for each project are identified in parentheses (P = Planning/Study; G = Grant Writing; R = Regulatory Compliance; D = Design; C = Basic Design Services during Construction and/or Construction Inspection; CM = Construction Management; T = Testing; BI = Building Inspections).


I.       Project Type:  Buildings & Facilities


a.     Lehigh Valley Park – Master Plan (P, D)

b.     NYS Uniform Code Enforcement (BI, R, D, C)

c.      Construction Management Term Services (CM)

d.     Environmental Consultant Term Services (R, P, D, C)

e.     Sustainability Consulting Term Service (G, R, P, D)

f.       General Architectural & Engineering Term Services (G, R, P, D, C)

g.     Fleet Center Electrical Improvements (P, D, C)

h.     Fleet Maintenance Building Improvements (P, D, C)

i.       MCC Architectural & Engineering Term Services (P, D, C)

j.       MCH Architectural & Engineering Term Services (P, D, C)

k.      County Clerk Space Utilization Renovation Project (P, D, C)

l.       CM Services for MCC – Downtown Campus Fourth Floor Build-out (CM)


II.     Project Type:  Wastewater


a.     Wastewater Engineering Architectural & Engineering Term Services (G, R, P, D, C)

b.     Design Services for Northwest Quadrant Pure Waters District – NWQ WRRF Electrical Improvements (P, D, C)

c.      CM Services for Northwest Quadrant Pure Waters District – NWQ WRRF Electrical, Aeration and Preliminary Treatment Improvements (CM)

d.     Rochester Pure Waters District – CSOAP Tunnel System Improvements (P, D, C)

e.     Irondequoit Bay South Central Pure Waters District – South Central Trunk Sewer Improvements (P, D, C)


III.   Project Type:  Solid Waste


a.     Solid Waste Consultant Term Services (G, R, P, D, C)

b.     Gloria Drive Landfill Cap Engineering (R, P, D, C)



Firms interested in providing professional services for these and/or other County projects in 2024 and 2025 must submit an Annual Statement of Qualifications package for each of the above Project Types in which the firm is interested (i.e. if a firm is interested in all two (2) Project Types, then two (2) separate Statements of Qualifications packages must be submitted).  Firms that responded to the 2023 EOI must submit a new EOI for the 2024 and 2025 projects.


Each separate Statement of Qualifications package shall identify the Project Type to which it applies, and shall consist of:  1) a one-page Expression of Interest letter listing the specific project(s) of interest within that Project Type;  2) a listing of the Principal Officers of the firm;  and, 3) GSA Standard Form 330 (SF 330) Parts I and II.  Firms are to include only the information requested in the SF 330; extraneous information such as marketing materials included in the submission will not be considered.


Firms submitting qualifications may be asked to address their efforts to meet the County’s M/WBE and SDVOB goals in a subsequent request.  This shall include identifying their M/WBE and SDVOB status and proposed sub consultants to meet the County’s M/WBE goals of 12% and 3%, respectively, and SDVOB goal of 6%.  The percentage goals may be increased if state and/or federal funding is provided for any Project.  By submitting an Expression of Interest, the Respondent agrees to increase M/WBE and/or SDVOB Utilization, if required. Respondents may be asked to include an organizational chart for their firm and sub consultants.  Consultant selections for Term Services may be made based on the Qualifications packages and supplemental information.  A more detailed Request for Proposals (RFP) may not be issued.


Firms should not identify any proposed sub consultants as part of their Statement of Qualifications submission; however, the qualifications of Joint Venture Partnerships can be included.  These Statements of Qualifications will be evaluated by the County in order to short-list firms and joint-venture partnerships that will receive more detailed and project specific RFP(s).  Firms selected by the County to receive an RFP should, at that time, identify any proposed sub consultants as part of their Proposal submission.


The EOI Coordinator shall be sole point of contact until the process is complete.  Questions should be submitted in writing to the EOI Coordinator at by the close of business on Friday, April 12, 2024.  Answers will be posted on on or before Friday, April 19, 2024.


One (1) signed paper original plus one (1) electronic copy in PDF file format on USB flash drive of each Statement of Qualifications package must be submitted to the EOI Coordinator by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 26, 2024.


Leslie Sugrue, EOI Coordinator

Monroe County

Division of Purchasing and Central Services

200 County Office Building

39 West Main Street

Rochester, NY 14614







Colleen D. Anderson

Purchasing Manager 

Monroe County

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