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City of Rochester, Veo Launch E-bikes and Scooters Program

The City of Rochester announced, Wednesday, June 28, 2023, a partnership with Veo to bring 200 e-bikes and 500 scooters to the city.

Veo began deploying its mixed fleet of vehicles this week, just in time for summer.

“The City and our partners are committed to enhancing mobility for residents and visitors as we advance toward a future of sustainable, safe, and equitable transportation,” said Mayor Malik D. Evans. “The City’s new shared scooter and bike program will serve residents that need access to transportation, whether it be to commute to work, address the first mile/last mile challenge for people who rely on the bus but have to walk a mile or more to or from the nearest bus stop, or to enjoy all that the city has to offer from the bike lane.”

One of the benefits of Veo’s scooters and e-bikes is that they do not produce harmful emissions, like cars and other gas-powered vehicles. Residents can help reduce air pollution and protect the environment by choosing to bike instead of driving.

Rochester riders can get $5 in free credit with the promo code SUMMER23 through July 31, 2023. Riders with low incomes can visit to apply for a discounted rate.

Visit for more information about the program, bike and scooter locations, safety tips, and more.

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