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City Councilmember LaShay Harris Speaks After Body Cam Footage Review

LaShay Harris

Rochester City Councilmember LaShay Harris spoke out on regarding the Rochester Police Department (RPD) officer-involved shooting that took place in Rochester on the night of Monday, September 25, 2023, after reviewing body-camera footage. This matter is under investigation, according to the Rochester Police Department.

Here is the update Harris offered as of Sep. 28: “Yesterday, Sep. 27th, I reviewed the Rochester Police body camera footage along with preliminary investigational context regarding the officer-involved shooting on First Street; one of the videos displayed first response medical efforts performed by Sgt. Greg Backus, a former paramedic who is now a sworn officer; Sgt. Backus arrived at the scene and immediately went to the aid of the man who needed emergency medical intervention; he performed a basic life support maneuver in opening the airway of the man involved in the officer involved shooting; and Sgt. Backus continued to provide such care until the arrival of American Medical Response (AMR) paramedics.”

Harris went on to say, “His quick actions certainly led to the man’s survival. On behalf of the City of Rochester, I want to thank him for his life saving efforts,” added Harris about Sgt. Greg Backus’ first response efforts in the incident. “Sgt. Backus used his training learned from EMS to provide first response without prejudice. In regard to the overall incident, I am looking forward to what the final investigation reveals,” she said.

Rochester Mayor Malik Evans referred to the incident as “a significant threat to one of our Rochester Police Department officers,” going on to express “relief that our officer is recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.”

At that time, Evans also said, he was “thankful that the officer was able to subdue the assailant without any loss of life. Incidents like these highlight the dangers involved in police work and the perils police officers often face on a daily basis,” saying, also, “the city is following all processes for a full investigation on this incident. We will continue to provide information and updates as they become available.”

This matter is under investigation, according to the Rochester Police Department.


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