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Citizen Action of New York Recognizes Its First Latina Executive Director

Rosemary Rivera

During the month of Oct. 2023, Citizen Action of New York (CANY) gives special recognition to Executive Director Rosemary Rivera, the first Latina in CANY’s history to hold such an esteemed position.

CANY says it is proud to celebrate National Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month which honors the cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans.

A ‘New YoRican’ who grew up on the Lower East Side of New York City, Rivera’s aptitude for grassroots power-building and organizing has led to many victories for New Yorkers.

Rivera’s career began as a formerly incarcerated volunteer, starting off as a canvasser over eighteen years ago and eventually included success at winning equitable funding for New York schools.

She also developed and passed a new Code of Conduct for the Rochester City School District which resulted in a 40% drop in student suspensions.

CANY says Rivera is among countless Latina Americans who have dedicated themselves to improving the world around them.

CANY acknowledge all of those whose contributions to building organizing power neighborhood by neighborhood has led to statewide victories directly impacting communities of color as it reaches its 40th anniversary this year.

“We honor those like Rivera whose unwavering commitment, aspirations, and achievements has helped transform lives in New York state and beyond,” CANY spokespersons said.


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