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Board Votes to End EPO Program

The decision to end the nearly decade-long partnership between East High School and the University of Rochester was made in a 4-3 vote. The district cited the high cost of the “Educational Partnership Organization” (EPO) - up to $3 million annually - as a reason for the change, due to declining enrollment.

Board member Amy Maloy expressed her support for the existing model before the vote, emphasizing the need to honor the investment made over the years. Marlene Blocker, East EPO superintendent, shared her desire for every child to thrive academically, regardless of the overseeing entity. She highlighted her dedication to the students and the hope that progress made under the EPO would not be hindered by reverting to prior challenges.

News Team 10 reported the University of Rochester issued a statement ahead of the vote, advocating for the continuation of the EPO model at East. They emphasized the importance of maintaining the progress achieved in areas like teacher development and student success. The University reaffirmed its commitment to East and expressed readiness to work towards a smooth transition back to the Rochester City School District at the right time.


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