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LeBron Responds to Vasquez-Simmons and Staybridge Rejection

Beatriz LeBron and Mercedes Vasquez-Simmons

Beatriz LeBron, vice president of the Rochester City School Board and executive director of Father Tracy Advocacy Center, strongly criticized Monroe County Legislator Mercedes Vasquez-Simmons for her rejection of the Neighborhood Collaborative Project (NCP) fiduciary Staybridge Services.

In a recent vote, lawmakers voted 7-5 to reject a proposed $6 million contract with Starbridge Services, which intended to take over as the fiscal sponsor of the NCP. 

The original fiduciary, Community Resource Collaboratives (CRC) was removed after an investigation determined it had mismanaged funds. Now, organizations are scrabbling for a qualified fiduciary to continue operating.

Father Tracy Advocacy Center is one of the organizations impacted by this decision and accused of wrongdoing. Vasquez-Simmons and Rachel Barnhart accused LeBron of paying herself nearly $4,000 to act as a vocational trainer.

LeBron took to Facebook to defend herself by calling Vasquez-Simmons a liar and accusing her of fraudulent operations within an organization. LeBron claimed to have called for an investigation into Vasquez-Simmons' actions during a County Meeting on April 9th, where she also allegedly referred to her as a "Pendeja"—a derogatory term—for making faces while LeBron spoke.

LeBron suggests that Vasquez-Simmons' accusation of wrongdoing may be retaliation. She also emphasized that her actions were recorded and challenged Vasquez-Simmons to press charges if she genuinely felt threatened.

With over 300 witnesses present at the meeting, LeBron argued that her words were part of a public record and not fabricated. She highlighted the importance of addressing issues within the community and expressed frustration over the lack of progress, citing the failed RGE study as another example of inaction. LeBron concluded by urging for accountability and transparency in local governance, calling for an end to deceptive practices and personal attacks.

Monroe County acknowledged the impact the rejection will have on the community. It released the following statement regarding the future of the program: 

"Tonight, the Ways and Means Committee of the Monroe County Legislature voted down the contract for Starbridge Services to serve as the administrator for the Neighborhood Collaborative Project. This leaves the project suspended and further denies vital support and services for our community’s most vulnerable citizens. The Bello Administration remains committed to the goals of this project and understands the need in this community is great. Putting politics ahead of people is becoming all too common, and tonight was another example. This administration will continue to prioritize the legitimate and immediate needs of our citizens who are most in need."

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03. maj

Gawd damn the actual people in Rochester can't get a break...Beatriz is fighting the good fight. You may not like her style but that woman gets things done that Barnhart and Vasquez-Simmons wouldn't even know what to do with. ON THE DAILY! Spend some time with her and you will see. This is some bullshit!

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