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Hi everyone, I would like to recommend you a quality and tested API Makini is a single API for all enterprise operational software system integrations. Technology companies integrate their products with Makini to support hundreds of WEP, EAM/CMMS and WMS integrations simultaneously in a natural way. Makini makes it easy to connect to and interact with supported systems in minutes through a single API. For example, the way to get a list of resources from IMP Maximo or Oracle JDE would be exactly the same. Makini also comes with a set of mapping and workflow automation tools to perform system-side customizations and complex business logic. I'm sure this will be a very useful discovery for many people, so I highly recommend you check it out

I am impressed with the number of features of this service, the list is large, something that few competitors in this field can boast. I was attracted by the user-friendly interface, which will be understandable even for the average user, definitely a good option



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