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He, as I imagine he wore stomped me and killed me with the war stomp. I felt just like, "Oh, dude!" He's like a rogue diamond , but is dying in stun. It was a joke, it was terrifying and this giant cow with an axe, he hits you, and you're dead. was a nightmare, I'll forever remember the moment. But um, yeah they were super powerful They're not going be they're not going to WoW Classic SoD Gold be this time , I'm talking about patch 335 We've seen so many nerfs by that point. Anyways, I wanted to let you know we're getting that balance patch.

The heroic and normal versions of raids share locks, but not the 10 or 25 Min versions. this is pretty big modification for Raiders You're aware of this, this is you know going to basically cut your raids in half, you know to observe your activities run at 4x2 times the max now. I've already talked about this in the past, so I'm not going to go into this issue. Along with the fact that you aren't able to wear something that resembles a heroic version of a trinket and regular versions of a trinket. The two will be sharing that distinct equip category honestly, I looked at the have the best slots for lots of different types and scenarios you're aware of, the majority of people did not actually use this, but you might see it you know with salsa of Buy WoW SoD Gold the Fallen you know that MP Five trinket there's potential that you know, may be you're looking for a ridiculous MP five for PvE battles.


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