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Video of 'Beatdown' at Pittsford Sutherland High Goes Viral

What we Know about this video

  • The incident happened January 17, 2023 at Pittsford Sutherland High School

  • Both students are freshmen

  • The person doing the beating is a participant of the "Urban Suburban Program"

  • The person being beat is a Pittsford resident

  • The aggressor was charged with Felony Assault by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office

  • The aggressor received a mandatory 5-day suspension and has returned to school

  • Pittsford residents, parents and students, have been calling for the assailant's removal from school

Michael D. Pero, Pittsford Schools Superintendent sent the following message to parents:

Violent behavior, the use of physical force, threats, or acts of violence toward other students, will result in a minimum five-day out-of-school suspension and may include a referral to a Superintendent’s Hearing. This is written in our Code of Conduct. The student may also be referred to legal authorities.

I am also required to not speak about individual disciplinary consequences due to privacy laws. I can share that in this case, the actions warranted our highest level of discipline which included a disciplinary hearing facilitated by an outside party.

This process is very similar to a court. The evidence is provided, there is questioning of students and witnesses and the outside party makes a determination based on case law, code of conduct and other circumstances to either end or extend the suspension.

Fights/Assaults are rare in our district and are handled with the utmost significance considering what is safe and supportive for all involved. If you ever have a safety concern for your chile, please reach out to the building principal.

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