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Video of 'Beatdown' at Pittsford Sutherland High Goes Viral

What we Know about this video

  • The incident happened January 17, 2023 at Pittsford Sutherland High School

  • Both students are freshmen

  • The person doing the beating is a participant of the "Urban Suburban Program"

  • The person being beat is a Pittsford resident

  • The aggressor was charged with Felony Assault by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office

  • The aggressor received a mandatory 5-day suspension and has returned to school

  • Pittsford residents, parents and students, have been calling for the assailant's removal from school

Michael D. Pero, Pittsford Schools Superintendent sent the following message to parents:

Violent behavior, the use of physical force, threats, or acts of violence toward other students, will result in a minimum five-day out-of-school suspension and may include a referral to a Superintendent’s Hearing. This is written in our Code of Conduct. The student may also be referred to legal authorities.

I am also required to not speak about individual disciplinary consequences due to privacy laws. I can share that in this case, the actions warranted our highest level of discipline which included a disciplinary hearing facilitated by an outside party.

This process is very similar to a court. The evidence is provided, there is questioning of students and witnesses and the outside party makes a determination based on case law, code of conduct and other circumstances to either end or extend the suspension.

Fights/Assaults are rare in our district and are handled with the utmost significance considering what is safe and supportive for all involved. If you ever have a safety concern for your chile, please reach out to the building principal.


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Unknown member
Mar 22, 2023

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Mar 15, 2023

And the other students just stand there....


Mar 10, 2023

Who taught these boys to not get involved and stop the fight? And what did they think was so funny? I'm sure their parents are so proud of them.


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