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RG&E Donates $10,000 to Area Food Cupboard Following Weekend Burglary

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Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) announced on November 2, 2023 that it donated $10,000 to Foodlink after the Foodlink, which, according to RG&E is the area’s largest food cupboard, was burglarized on the night of Sunday, October 29, 2023.

According to Foodlink, hundreds of pounds of food and non-food items were taken during the robbery.

“We were disappointed to hear the news that another local agency providing essential assistance to Rochester residents has fallen victim to crime,” said New York State Electric and Gas Company and RG&E President and Chief Executive Officer Trish Nilsen. “While RG&E employees are engaging in our fall food donation drive, after news of the burglary we recognized the need to step in further to help our community partner immediately. We hope this donation can help replace what was lost so Foodlink can continue to serve the community.”

Foodlink says RG&E has been a longtime partner with Foodlink through volunteer events, and RG&E has provided support for Foodlink’s programs through its Avangrid Foundation.

“We are enormously grateful for RG&E’s support following this week’s unfortunate and frustrating break-in at our facility,” said president and Foodlink Chief Executive Officer Julia Tedesco. “Both RG&E and the Avangrid Foundation have been steadfast supporters of our mission for many years, and we look forward to welcoming an enthusiastic group of volunteers at our facility Thursday to assist with our food-banking operations and ensure that thousands of our neighbors are nourished.”

RG&E says it had already planned a volunteer event at Foodlink prior to the robbery.

Volunteers were at its warehouse Thursday, November 2 to help sort and package items and stock shelves.

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