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Mayor Launches Online Tax Estimate Tool, Residents Can Look Up Their Estimated Tax Bill

Mayor Malik D. Evans announced a historic decrease in the City’s residential property tax rate in May, and today he launched a new, online tool for residents to see an estimate of how the new tax rate will affect their upcoming 2024-25 tax bill.

Located at, users simply enter an address and the Residential Property Tax Estimate Tool provides a side-by-side comparison of the net property tax burden from 2023-24 and the property’s estimated tax burden for 2024-25. Also shown are last year’s and the upcoming year’s anticipated homestead tax rates, assessed values, property tax portions of the tax bills, applicable tax exemptions, and how much the exemptions total.

“The real estate market is undergoing rapid and radical changes and this informative tool will help residents understand how the new value of their home will impact their tax bill given our new lower tax rate,” said Mayor Evans. “During this year’s budget and reassessment processes, I was committed to keeping the tax levy flat, resulting in the largest drop in the tax rate in known history to help shield residents from the drastic shifts in today’s housing market.”

The tax rate is the amount of money the city collects per thousand dollars of assessed value of a particular property. The Mayor kept the tax levy flat, which decreased the homestead tax rate for the upcoming 2024-25 fiscal year by 37.7%, from $17.84 per thousand to $11.11 per thousand.

The new tax tool provides residents with a closer estimate of what their tax burden will be, but does not include embellishments or reflect New York State STAR tax credits. It also does not include non-homestead, or business, properties. Official City tax bills, with the exact property tax amounts, are expected to be mailed out in late June, after City Council approves the proposed City budget.

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