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Metro Justice Rally Today @ 5

Metro Justice is advocating for a county-level implementation study. The organization believes it is critical to move towards establishing a public utility that prioritizes the needs of residents over distant shareholders. The group says the success of this study hinges on the backing of County Executive Adam Bello and majority support in the County Legislature.

Some local leaders are opposing the transition to public power. Metro Justice states Bob Duffy, the Head of the Chamber of Commerce, receives a substantial salary for serving on the board of RG&E’s parent company. According to the group, the Chamber of Commerce-supported lobby group signifies a challenge to the push for public power.

Many residents of Monroe County have voiced concerns about RG&E's ongoing inefficiencies. Last June, the City of Rochester contributed funds for a county-wide study. Now, Metro Justice wants Monroe County to take the lead.

Metro Justice also wants residents to demand concrete answers on how a public utility could better cater to the needs of residents rather than continue with RG&E's billing mistakes, rate increases, and poor customer service.

Metro Justice is urging the Monroe County Legislature and County Executive Adam Bello to initiate the first step: commission and finance a study on the benefits of a locally-owned utility.

Join Metro Justice's march from RG&E on 180 S. Clinton, to the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, and conclude at the Monroe County Government Office (County Legislature building) on 39 West Main Street on April 5, at 5 p.m.

Metro Justice is encouraging participants to wear red, a Metro Justice shirt, or apparel representing your organization/union.


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