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Exploring How Historical Policies Shape Our Communities Antiracist Curriculum Project and Greater Rochester Parent Leadership Training Institute Team Up for Interactive Family Workshop

On Saturday, January 13, two local groups committed to creating a better world for future generations will join together for an afternoon that explores how historical policy impacts the communities in which we live.

Co-hosted by the Antiracist Curriculum Project (ACP) and the Greater Rochester Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI), this two-hour interactive family workshop will examine how historical policies have shaped our communities today.

The Antiracist Curriculum Project has trained thousands of teachers in antiracist curriculum across school districts locally and nationally since it began in 2020. Kesha James, co-founder of the ACP, is looking forward to the opportunity to work with both parents and children at this particular workshop. “Our goal,” James says, “is to inspire and empower parents and children to use our local history as a springboard to bring change that will benefit everyone and create a new generation of leaders to move the work of equity forward.”

PLTI empowers parent leaders to hone their advocacy skills and leadership development through an intensive 21-week program focused on expanding the capacity of parents as change agents. Its Children’s Leadership Training Institute is a parallel program for the children of cohort participants and is rooted in the belief that ideas belong to the community and tools are in the hands of all of its Members.

“Because we seek to bring about systemic change through family empowerment, this was a natural partnership for us,” said PLTI Director Luva Alvarez. “Exploring the role of race in society is critical to understanding our communities, and we all benefit from discussions like this.”

The family event will be held at Asbury First United Methodist Church from 11am-1pm on Saturday, January 13. Attendance is free and open to the public, but pre-registration is required and available at


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