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Duwaine Bascoe Resigns from Police Accountability Board

Duwaine Bascoe served as acting manager of the PAB from May, 2022 to November, 2022 Photo: LinkedIn

The acting chief of investigations at the Police Accountability Board (PAB) Duwaine Bascoe has resigned from the agency.

A spokesperson confirmed Bascoe notified the Interim Executive Director, Sherry Walker-Cowart, last Thursday. His official last day will be Friday, March 3rd.

Bascoe’s tenure at the agency was marked with controversy. He served as manager of the organization for about six months last year (May – November) but the board relieved him of that position when more than half of the staff signed a letter citing “serious concerns about the management of the agency” and calling for him to be fired.

During his time heading the organization about 13 people resigned or was fired.

Bascoe then was appointed as acting chief of investigations, a position he held before being appointed as acting manager.

Bascoe leaves the agency—tasked to investigate misconduct cases against the Rochester police—as it continues to struggle to gain the confidence of the community.

In December, Sherry Walker-Cowart was appointed as the agency’s interim executive director after Conor Dwyer Reynolds was fired for violating multiple city policies.

Reynolds had been under investigation for six months, during which time Duwaine Bascoe was serving as acting manager.

The board is currently searching for a permanent leader.


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