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City Settles Lawsuit With Firefighter Jerrod Jones

The recent settlement between firefighter Jerrod Jones and the city of Rochester has ended a contentious legal battle.

Jones had alleged that he was forced to attend a party with racist undertones while on duty two years ago. According to Jones, his captain, Jeffrey Krywy, took him and two other firefighters to a private event hosted by local dentist Dr. Nicholas Nicosia and his wife, Mary Znidarsic-Nicosia. The event, held at a private mansion on East Avenue, included controversial elements such as cut-outs of Donald Trump, Juneteenth flags, and buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Court documents revealed further details, including pictures of local Democratic politicians displayed in an inappropriate manner and a performer impersonating Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart, with the crowd engaging in sexually explicit comments. Following an investigation, Krywy was suspended and subsequently chose to retire from the Rochester Fire Department.

Jones had filed a federal lawsuit last May, asserting claims of discrimination and unjust treatment dating back to his recruitment in 2007. As part of the settlement, the city has agreed to pay Jones $75,000 immediately, with an additional $75,000 to be paid upon his retirement in four years. Jones will remain on paid leave until his retirement.

In a joint statement issued by Jones and the city, both parties expressed their satisfaction with the resolution of the case. It was also announced that Jones has decided not to return to his duties as a firefighter, a decision respected by the city. The statement conveyed well wishes for Jones' future endeavors and gratitude for his years of service to the city and its citizens.

"On July 7, 2022, Jerrod Jones was a Firefighter working Truck #4 for the Rochester Fire Department.

On that day, he and other firefighters on Truck #4 were taken to a private event at a residence on East Avenue, in accordance with the wishes and direction of the newly assigned Captain of Truck #4. While this event was within Truck# 4’s district, it was wholly inappropriate for the Captain to have taken the firefighters of Truck #4 to this event on-duty. This event involved wholly inappropriate political and racial overtones.

Following this event, Firefighter Jones commenced suit against the City of Rochester asserting various claims stemming from this incident. Today the parties are pleased to announce that this lawsuit has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.

As part of this resolution, Mr. Jones has elected not to return to his duties as a firefighter. This was Mr. Jones’s decision and the City is respectful of his choice. The City wishes Mr. Jones the very best in his future endeavors and thanks him for his years of service to the City and its citizens.

The parties express their appreciation to each other for their respective efforts which led to this mutually satisfactory settlement as Mr. Jones moves forward positively and so too does the Rochester Fire Department under the leadership and direction of Chief Napolitano."


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