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City, County Work Quickly on Thurston Road Traffic Calming Measures

Thurston Road. Photo: Reconnect Rochester

Mayor Malik D. Evans and County Executive Adam Bello announced significant progress on street calming measures on a portion of Thurston Road that was the scene of a traffic fatality earlier this summer.

“Pedestrian fatalities are up nationally, and we are making every effort with our partners at the County to reverse those trends locally,” said Mayor Evans. Sadly, we can put faces to these statistics. The tragedy that happened on Thurston Road in June took Ryan “Bear” Grantham Jr., an incredible light to his family, friends and neighbors and a life lost far too soon. We are working to stop these tragedies and we continue to pray for the victims and families that have lost loved ones because of these crashes.”

“The County and City are working together to end senseless pedestrian and bicyclist crashes and fatalities which have become a year-round problem,” said County Executive Bello. “Drivers need to remain alert at all times and especially in our commercial corridors where pedestrian traffic is high, and citizens are at their most vulnerable. Our partnership with the City to make crucial infrastructure improvements will continue, and the tragic loss of Ryan and other victims will keep our mission ever present.”

The Monroe County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has completed an in-depth traffic and pedestrian safety study on Thurston Road between Sawyer and Hillendale Streets, the scene of the fatality. The in-depth study included a speed study, a review of accident reports, and several field visits to assess the current condition of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The study identified obstructed and limited visibility, steady pedestrian volumes crossing midblock between Hillendale and Sawyer Streets, as well as some driving in excess of the 30 MPH speed limit in sections of the corridor.

Based upon the study’s findings, the City is installing essential traffic calming measures including a marked midblock crosswalk on Thurston between Hillendale Street and Sawyer Street. The midblock crosswalk will connect with the existing sidewalk system where many pedestrians cross to access businesses. The midblock crosswalk will include high visibility pavement markings as well as a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) and associated pedestrian signs. An RRFB consists of rectangular, yellow lights that flash when activated to enhance visibility of pedestrians and increase driver awareness.

The City is in the process of designing these safety improvements and will complete construction and installation by the end of the fall season. The electrical components of the RRFB have a lag time in delivery associated with supply chain issues, so that installation may take longer.

View the City's neighborhood Traffic Calming Manual HERE.


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