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Canterra Unveils New Online Cannabis Delivery Service for Western New York Residents

Western New Yorkers (WNY) now have an easier way of getting their adult-use recreational cannabis products, through Canterra, the first legal online cannabis delivery service.

The delivery service, that officially began on August 1, 2023, hopes to transform how WNY residents engage with and acquire cannabis products.

"We are elated to present the Online Cannabis Delivery Service to the Western New York community,' said Canterra CEO, Emily Rodriguez. "This marks a new chapter for Canterra as we continue to redefine the cannabis shopping experience."

The delivery service is now available in Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany, Wyoming, Genesee, Orleans and Monroe counties.

Canterra began taking orders on Monday, August 7 with deliveries set to begin on Friday, August 11, the company announced in a media release. Through the platform, customers can look at an extensive assortment of cannabis items, place orders, and enjoy the luxury of doorstep deliveries.

"Our objective is to furnish a secure, dependable, and efficient avenue for customers to obtain the products they desire,'" Rodriguez said.

Canterra has invested in cutting-edge technology, intuitive web design, and a user-friendly interface, to guarantee a seamless customer journey,

To bolster the local economy, Canterra has also forged partnerships with various WNY-based cannabis cultivators and producers.

The advent of Canterra's Online Cannabis Delivery Service arrives amidst shifting perceptions surrounding cannabis, characterized by expanding legalization endeavors and a growing acceptance of its potential benefits.

Through the fusion of cannabis and e-commerce, Canterra hopes to blaze the trail in cannabis delivery.

For more details about the online cannabis delivery service and to explore the array of products, visit the Canterra website at


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