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Bull’s Head Revitalization Team Unveils Project Updates in Public Presentation, Seeks  Public Input

DevelopROC, the team behind the transformative Bull’s Head Revitalization project, announced on January 2, 2024  a public presentation scheduled for January 22, 2024. The event will be located at St. Mary’s Campus, 89 Genesee Street, First Floor Meeting Room from 6 to 8:00 p.m., and aims to bring together community members for a progress update. 


The Bull’s Head Revitalization project represents years of neighborhood-based planning driven by a strong commitment from residents and other stakeholders, and the City of Rochester to catalyze redevelopment in a community that has experienced significant disinvestment over several decades. DevelopROC is actively working toward restoring the liveability and vibrancy of the Bull’s Head area. The information session will feature key members of DevelopROC, who will outline project milestones and future plans, as well as provide community members an opportunity to engage with the team.  


“Public input is critical as we reimagine a future for Bull’s Head. It will once again become a vibrant and hope-filled neighborhood, and will overcome its history of disinvestment,” says Rochester Mayor Malik D. Evans. “The partners that make up DevelopROC have a proven track record for meaningful redevelopment in cities with challenged neighborhoods. These partners, along with residents, have an incredible opportunity to bring Bull’s Head back to life.”  


“DevelopROC believes in the power of community collaboration and recognizes the importance of keeping the public informed about ongoing initiatives that shape the local landscape,” says Melissa James-Geska, DevelopROC co-founder and president of USC [US Ceiling Corp], a Rochester-based award-winning MWBE social impact contractor committed to diversifying the construction industry and providing skilled trades training and equitable employment opportunities. “This event allows community members to be part of the conversation and contribute to the continued success of the Bull’s Head Revitalization project.” 


Information Session Highlights: 

  1. Project milestones – Learn about strides made since the project’s inception. 

  2. Community impact – Discover the positive impact the project will have on the local community.  

  3. Future plans – See the long-awaited and highly anticipated preliminary rollout of the Bull’s Head Revitalization proposal. 

  4. Community engagement – Offer valuable feedback to help shape ongoing revitalization efforts. 

“The public presentation on January 22 is a testament to our commitment to transparency and collaboration. It’s not just an update on the Bull’s Head Revitalization project; it’s a shared conversation about our collective vision for a vibrant future,” says Dennis Pemberton, DevelopROC co-founder and executive managing partner of Florida-based The Dawson Company, a second-generation African-American-owned company and leader in urban multifamily and urban mixed-use development that has been at the forefront of breaking down barriers for African-Americans in real estate for more than five decades.”

All members of the community are encouraged to attend the public presentation. DevelopROC’s presentation will be available to view following the event at, along with an online feedback form for those unable to attend.  

“Our team is fueled by a deep commitment to create lasting positive change,” says Brian Murray, DevelopROC co-founder and CEO of Philadelphia-based Shift Capital, a neighborhood investment group who executes real estate projects  and financing strategies that create equitable communities for the long-term. “The public presentation is an opportunity to share our progress and engage with the community we aim to serve." 


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