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6 Tips for Decorating Your Newly Remodeled Basement in Rochester

If your basement is a random collection of your odd belongings, consider adding some variety to your Rochester, NY, home by remodeling your basement. Using your imagination, you can choose a unique purpose for the room. In the end, not only will you have a new purpose for your basement, but you'll see a 70% ROI from the basement remodeling project.

1. Choose a Theme

Your basement can be transformed into many new spaces. Bring your sewing machine or craft supplies into the basement if you're a crafter. Choose the corner with the best natural light source to place your easel if you're an artist.

If you're already storing odds and ends downstairs, why not capitalize on the garage's potential to be a storage space? Build bookcases along each wall to provide spaces for your belongings. You can also reframe the basement space by creating a guest room - or a studio apartment.

2. Let It Entertain You

Another common choice for the basement is an entertainment room. With an extra-large television screen and your selection of premium channels, you and your family can enjoy TV or movies. If you want to capitalize on the TV/movie theme, place TV or movie posters on the walls.

To enhance the viewing experience, use blinds on the windows. Blinds also eliminate any glare on the TV. Some families extend the 'movie' theme with rows of recliners. Others add 'concession stands' with shelves for movie candy.

3. Kids Zone or Wet Bar

You use the basement for home school or a kids' play zone. To conduct classes for your children, set up desks and a blackboard. You could also use the basement as a game room or computer corner.

To use the basement for an adult retreat, many people use their basement space to install a wet bar. Place the sink near your restroom or laundry room, so you can access the water source. A unique idea might be installing the bar underneath the stairs.

4. Design Strategies

Using the basement for reading or study activities requires adequate overhead lighting. You can unleash your creativity when you choose the lighting for your remodeled basement. For example, recessed ceiling lights give the illusion of a higher ceiling.

To provide the illusion of a more spacious room, use lighter colors on the ceiling and floors. To provide a cozier, more intimate aura, use a light, neutral color for the floor.

5. Colors and Carpets

Although many homeowners use neutral colors for the basement, this room can be whatever you want it to be. You can let your imagination run wild when choosing your theme. You can choose wallpaper with solid colors or a bold, bright print.

If you plan to exercise or go dancing in the room, you'll need a sturdy wooden or linoleum floor. A carpet is a better choice for relaxed activities, like watching TV. Modern decorators are now using carpet tiles- an ideal choice for families whose kids may cause many spills.

6. Finishing With Artwork

Decorative themes can be topped off with posters or paintings. If you need help finding the perfect artwork, try online: Fortune Business Insights recently reported 60% of wall art purchases are being made online, and they further predict a continued increase in this trend.

Windows and baseboards of your basement can contribute to the decorative theme. You can paint the window moldings, baseboards, and door frames to complement the colors of the room. You may extend the basement's theme on your stairway's carpet and stair rails.

Take the initiative and improve the appearance of your basement. You'll get a pleasing 70% ROI while turning your basement into whatever you'd like it to be. Look for a professional remodeling company in Rochester, NY, and let your remodeling dreams come true.


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